Friday, January 18, 2013

The weekend

So the weekend is here finally. Finally!
JW has plenty of plans for himself this weekend. The biggest plan of all is for him to finally build the raised garden beds.
Or as I like to call them the neighbors alternatively located litter boxes.

Since its payday weekend it's also time to go buy groceries. Thank God for payday or we would be thin starving people instead of the big giant fat people that we are.
We just got a freezer a couple of weekends ago from my BFF,  and now is the time to fill it. I have made it my life's mission to go to Sams and spend every penny that I could possibly spend this weekend to fill up the freezer with items that will remain in there for the rest of the freezers life and that we will never eat and that we will never have any idea 5 years down the road why we bought them or what in the hell they could possibly be.

Watch out Sam's. I'm coming to get your food.

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