Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've got nuthin for ya today, so here's a picture for ya...
That's gonna be my next dog.

That is when these two lazy eatin machines pass on.

Although that big fat girl right there is a good dog. She'll take your arm off if you come near me.
And then piss herself silly.
That little one will just shake himself into a coma and barf on your pillow.
But they are my babies, and I love them.

And these are my babies too...
But they are grown ups now. The jury is still out on them.
I like to think I keep them around just for the entertainment value.
That little one finally grew into that big giant pumpkin head of his. But he doesn't act like it.
And that oldest one is apparently allergic to anything with sleeves. They don't last an hour on any shirt he has.
At almost 19 and 23 they are good babies still.
Except when they act like jackasses....


  1. It looks to me as if #2 doggie is getting #1 doggie's share of kibble.

    My Maltese doesn't like guns or cigars. He said that's what I'M for.

  2. Got a 17 year old part time jackass of my own. Except when he's perfect.