Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy Day

Today was a bit of a hectic day, to say the least.

I had to work a half day running my calls before the fun started. Got home and had to run Rufus and his car back to the shop for the same problem. Stinking car has been over heating and we are trying to get it fixed before the engine seizes. After that I had to take Big Sis for first day of physical rehab after injuring her knee.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but after all that, dinner and traffic made it home for the night at 8:00 pm tonight. I feel like I ran a marathon in the desert. We made it up to 102 today and supposed to hit 104 tomorrow. That is before the heat index is factored in. I am a summer heat wienie.

But Wifey is back home for the weekend. I miss her when she is not here and sure glad when she gets home. She gets to stay home next week for the 4th of July. Family parties and lots of firework watching planned for the week. Can't wait for some good eating.

We all need to put aside our bickering this next week and get together, raise a flag and remember those who gave us what we have in this great nation. Our veterans, founding fathers and the leaders that built and sacrificed to build a nation we can still be proud of. I know I will.

Tomorrow is another day....... remember to be thankful for that blessing.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Net is down......

The internet is down and won't be back up for awhile. It is intersesting watching the kids be creative on finding outlets to keep themselves busy. Old games are brought out, movies watched and they are wanting to chat more.

Wish it was down more often....but we have to have it up for work, especially when Wifey is home.

Supposed to break 100 officially here tomorrow and I am noy looking forwards to it. I can't complain with a nice and long spring. We were lucky while friends stayed snowed in late this year. Lets hope it is a short summer heat season. The heat gets bad with the high humidity.

I don't like to get too political here, but I is getting nauseous with all this political fighting and everything is a political hot button.  I am independent in my thinking and beliefs and why do I have to bend to others will so they won't be offended. I vote and let me representatives know what I think.

Let me raise my kids the best I can with what I have and what I believe. I don't need any namby pamby special interest group telling me that I am doing it wrong.

I had to get that out and I feel better.

Now I am going back to putter in the garden and play with the kids.

See y'all tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


That is what my mind is right now. I am lucky that I am conscious and sitting up right.

Coming back from vacation, work decided to save bucket load of service calls the last two days, running Rufus back and forth to get his card repaired and chasing kids around this house. It is enough to buy stock in caffeine.

I am ready for bed and do it all over again tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kids are here finally for the summer

Big Sis and Little Man have made it to CHA for the summer. They got in late Tuesday after their first flight was cancelled and had to change airports to find another flight. Today we stayed in to unpack and recover from the flight. The rest of the week we will go check out stuff around town while I am on vacation.

They will be here all summer through the first of August. I haven't seen them since last summer and I am so happy to have them here. The rest of the time they live in Rockville, MD outside of Washington DC with their mom. Big Sis has turned into a beautiful young lady and she turns the big 18 this year. One more year of high school and she has already been scoping out college prospects. I couldn't be prouder of her. Little Man is growing like a weed and cruising though school like a wiz. I love them dearly.

I need to plan a time for my girl and me for some father-daughter time this summer and have some fun. Maybe go to the range and teach her to shoot and dinner later on. I want her to be able to defend herself and have the confidence and having that skill with her. That what daddies are for.

Well I am off to bed, it is going to be a busy day tomorrow running around town and seeing the sites. There are a couple of museums we want to go and see, the new Perot Nature and Science in Dallas and the Flight museum next to Love Field. Hurricane Harbor Saturday and we will cook out Sunday.

Life is good. Wonderful kids, Big Sis. Little Man and Rufus, and my awesome Wifey. Could I be any luckier.

Night All

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taking care of Grandma Honey

Poor Grandma Honey had a spell today and had fallen in her living room. Luckily she had one of those Life Line alert systems and was able to get help to her quickly. They called me at work and I responded to her house. She was fine and did not have to go to the hospital. She was shaken up over the ordeal and a little weak. I fed her lunch and stayed with her for the lunch break. I will be back tomorrow to check in on her.

I am worried for her, she has been through a lot this year already and it seems it is harder for her to bounce back. She is 89 this year and she keeps telling me "it is hell getting old." She took care of me and my brother all our lives and when mom passed, she took it as her responsibility to look after us. Now with my  brother living away and family passing on or moving away, it is me, a cousin and a sister in law looking after her. She is the cornerstone of this side of the family or more "the force to be reckoned with" over her grand kids and great grand kids. She has kept an eye over a dozen or so grand kids and an army of great grand kids all these years.

Now we are looking after her reminds me we all are heading to uncertain times in our lives in which we are never promised a tomorrow and enjoy today like it is your last. It might be. In the past 15 or so years I have lost my mom and Granddad Honey and Grandma Cleo just in the past year.

I am trying to love Grandma Honey a little more while I have here and remind my kids how precious the time we have each other and our family.

Say a prayer for our family and I will return the favor for your family.

Until next time we meet again, here or in heaven.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time to get it together

This being  the first time to blog, I am a hard time getting into a rhythm of postings. Wifey said I have been getting lax with it. Funny, I thought she started it and I was going to add to it occasionally.  Oh well, I will keep this marching along. I am rather enjoying it.

The garden is stalled this year. Trees have blocked most of the days sun and I have tried to prune them back but I can't take anymore without killing the trees. This is my first year to do this and that is where I learn from my mistakes. I should have better luck in the fall when the leaves fall off the trees.

Our dream is to be little more independent and self sustainable when we get out little place to expand. Until then we are learning and practicing while we can. Gardening is just one more step to this dream.

I am beside myself with excitement my kids will be here soon for the summer. They will be here in less than a week and I am planning lots of fun for all of us. It will be fun having them help in the garden and teaching them new skills.
I am planning to take Big Sis to her first time to the gun range and teach her gun saftey and shooting techniques, maybe bust a couple of clays this summer. Little Man gets to watch and learn about saftey also.

The lodge had a Gift of Life blood drive this past weekend and was able to collect over a hundred units for the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.

So mote it be.