Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jesus and ham save the day

Apparently I am so socially awkward, that I am retarded.

JW's Grandma C has been in the hospital. We went to see her this week, and upon arriving at the hospital I informed him that I don't do well at hospitals. AT ALL.

So we go up and visit Grandma C, and she's not doing well.
And then she tells us that maybe it's her time, since she's 85 and has been sick for a while.

Here comes the retard.
I start screaming at her that she will BE FINE! AND THAT WE HAVE TO EAT HAM! WE HAVE TO EAT HAM AT EASTER!!!!111!!! ZOMG!!

Oh lord.

Well we got word today that Grandma C is going to be ok.
And JW then tells me that Jesus and ham saved the day.

Sometimes it pays to be a dork!


  1. That is why I can't denying knowing her. I love her to much.


  2. Please don't ever visit me in the hospital. I want to die knowing I will not have to cook ever again.

  3. I wrote a longer post about my mother, age, memories and stamina. I didn't like it; mainly because I couldn't find the words to describe the feelings and how the past weighs heavily at times.

    Anyway, eat some ham with grandma on Easter, even if you have to buy a pack of lunchmeat and share a sandwich. Time races when you get older and memories are built on moments.