Thursday, January 17, 2013

My city

The darling husband (JW) and I are suburban dwellers.
And we hate it.
We hate the neighbors, the neighborhood, and all the garbage that comes with suburbia.

It's funny because we grew up in this town. We graduated from one of the high schools here, and off and on in our adult lives have always managed to find our way back to living in this town.
But the time has come where our beloved medium sized town has now become a large city of trashy people with no care for anyone but themselves.

It finally hit us last year when "the good Walmart" got so bad we stopped shopping there, and started going to one almost half an hour away that was more rural and much better. The traffic was better, the scenery was better, and the people were friendly.

That's when we finally realized that we didn't want to live in our beloved little city anymore.
We had always said that we would love to find a little house of our own in our city and continue to live out the rest of our lives here.

I breaks my heart to think that we might move away from my little city. I think it's a safety thing.
This has always been "my" city. Even when I lived in Tampa, and other cities here in the metroplex, this city always felt like home.
When JW and I started dating he was living in a different city, 30 minutes away.
He had lived there several years during his previous marriage. He loved his city that he was living in. But I had a bigger place, so right before our wedding in 2011 he moved here with me.
And he confessed he really did love my city more. His family was still here, and all of our friends, and old hangouts. We both agreed that this was where we always wanted to be.

But not any more.

After much discussion, we have realized that we want open spaces, no neighbors on top of us, and a place that we can work on and love til we die.

We won't find that in my little city.
But hopefully I will find a new, smaller little city.
It will have my house, my garden, and my dreams...


  1. GG,

    I will be giving you a formal welcome on my blog in the next day or so. I didn't forget about you, just moving a little slow.

    Great post by the way! I feel the same way about leaving what was a small town (turning in to a city) and finding property where no one is on top of you.

    Oklahoma Transient

  2. Yep, we went through the same thing (DH & I).....but, "when the time was right" we got ott'a dodge!

    1. We can't wait. And it won't be soon enough.

  3. We got out of the suburbs. And yes, life ain't perfect but Every day (or almost) I tell God THANK YOU for my home, our little farm (26 acres), our family and our health! And I mean it! I have been here 23 years, and I still remember how horrible town life was. It just is. PRAY hard and seek God--ask for HIS wisdom to help you.
    My advice: get out. Go to a smaller home, a mobile home, whatever you have to so you can move to the country. It is wonderful. Even when you have mud, dead animals, garden failures and other "country" problems, it's all better than live in the subdivision. We moved from a larger home to a smaller home. Raising our 6 children, me and hubby in a home of 1300 sq. feet plus basement. 3 bedrooms. But it is still great! Thank you Lord!