Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am in heaven today. Do you want to know why?

Do you see this item here?

 And this item here? 

While they do not have anything in common they both put me in heaven.

The first picture is of one of my towels, from a set that I got for Christmas from my darling husband.
JW hated with a passion the towels that I used have . He always complained that they were no better than a very thin piece of sandpaper. The nerve of that man!
So I finally told him that if he was going to continue to complain then he needed to do something about it.
So therefore I got this lovely set of towels for Christmas. They are the most wonderful things in heaven to me because he picked them out for me.
That man can read me like a used paper back book on the discount shelf at Goodwill. He knew exactly which towels, in which color, and from which store I wanted! And of course they are so nice and fluffy!

The other picture is of the completed raised bed that my darling JW built this weekend.
Now I can finally take advantage of the several sunny days that we have had and get a few things planted before rain or bugs or pestilence or plague swallow all of my plants whole.

Or the neighbors cats poop in my garden and kill everything like they did my roses last year.
Darn cats. Anyone want a free cat? I'm sure the neighbor lady won't miss a few.
She's got at least thirty...

In other news, I am trying to quit smoking again. At this time I am happy to report that no one living in this household has died. Yet. Stay tuned. Things might change.


  1. sprinkle moth balls on the dirt, and if the cats still get in, at least you won't have moths. I'm listing you on my BLOGGER'S BLOCK

  2. I never thought of moth balls. I will be buying a large box of those asap.
    Thank you so much for the listing! It is greatly appreciated!