Sunday, January 27, 2013

Son of a....

I just caught a squirrel doing this to my swing!

He chewed up every dang cushion.
In the three years we have had this swing, we have never had a problem.
This squirrel is on my shit list now.
He's got to die. Any suggestions?
And I can't pop him here in city limits. Well, not legally at least.


  1. a rat trap baited with something squirrels like or a 22 caliber pellet gun. Of course, there are humane traps available for capture and release.good hunting, the mohave rat

  2. A good air rifle will take care of the problem, and a little corn sprinkled at a good location for the ambush.

  3. I absolutely HATE F!$#NG!!! Squirrels!!! Since I moved to a town, you can't shoot them. I trapped 24 one spring and a animal control guy would come and pick them up and they ate them!!

    You get em Girl!!!

  4. A BB gun works just fine too if you brain 'em! Good target practice too!

  5. A live trap? Or a BB gun like Carolyn said! I'd be cussin' too if they did this to my cushion! Good luck!

  6. When Big Daddy JW gets home I am going to discuss what my options are.
    I've had my eye on a cute pink (YES I'M A GIRLY GIRL!!) pellet gun, just for reasons like this.

  7. Depends on what type of squirrel, ground squirrels will drown them selves looking for water. Set up a very large bucket where the squirrel can not climb out it will go for the water "if" there is no other source available. They fall in to get a drink, since they do not swim well, they drown plain and simple. I can not tell you how many times I had to clean out the water troth for the livestock and start over again.

    Grey Squirrels, are good eating but only if they are country critters. If you get it in the city I would not eat it.

    BB gun sounds fine, just do not use the one you pump, to much power. The slug could bounce off the ground or whatever, know where it is going before you bag that little varmint.