Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinterest and the devil

Pinterest is evil. I mean from the devil evil. Like Hot Pockets fresh from the microwave that must have come from the flames of hell type of evil.
That's the only explanation I have. It's simple really. Because only something that evil can make me waste hours of my life like that.
That and Hee Haw. Gawd I love that show.

All I want is a simple recipe for chicken rollups, and the next thing I know three days have gone by and JW is looking for a new wife cause he thinks I've died because I haven't moved from my recliner.

I warn you. Do not go to Pinterest. You'll look up eventually and a week will have passed.
And then you'll really need that recipe for chicken roll ups...and you'll get sucked right back in to the evil that is...

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