Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crap Happens Acres

My husband and I have one goal that we are working towards.
We want to buy a little house with a couple of acres, and get out of this rental house and out of the suburbs. 

This blog will hopefully chronicle the next year, as we continue to work towards that goal.

I told my husband when we do eventually get that little place we have always dreamed of that we should call it Crap Happens Acres, because of our luck. He shot that idea down and instead gave me a different name for our little homestead of our dreams. After mulling it over, I realized I agreed with him. After all, we want to start out on a positive with our property.

 I still liked the name and thought it fit us.
But I realized it fit our current situation better than our hopeful future.
So until we move on to our dream, we remain at:



  1. Hey, Good luck with making all of your dreams come true and finding the right piece of property. I enjoyed reading what you've written so far and look forward to following along....and I'm gonna go add you to my blog roll right now.


    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy reading your blog as well.

  2. Welcome to the Gun Blog Black List.