Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday slowness

It's a nice, quiet, sunny Saturday. Most definitely a nice change from the busy week.
JW is working a blood drive today, so it's just me and a still sleeping College Boy in the house.

I've gotten several things done today so far. I even braved an early morning trip to Walmart.
I got a few essentials and yarn that I was yearning for.
I have pork country ribs in the oven, slow cooking for dinner. They smell heavenly right now.
Roseanne is on the TV while I work on a new blanket. And it's nice and quiet in the house.

I couldn't ask for a better day. Well, my feet could be warmer.
Someone go fetch my slippers so I don't have to get up!

Here is a blanket I finished this week. It's baby sized, and oh so soft.

Here is a cotton one I started this week.

And one I started this morning.

In other news, tragedy has struck... I have broken a nail.
JW is elated, as this means eventually I will have to trim my "raptor claws" to make them even.

I may not be able to do much, but I at least have the super power to grow nails.


  1. The pink and white baby blanket is just how I crochet baby blankets. Try putting a shell stitch around the edge to make a scallop. Yes, I do make blue and white if it is a boy. Okay, now you know everything I know about crocheting! The shell stitch is my super dooper specialty stitch. I make these for dolls, too, just smaller.

    My nails are not that long at all, but I do hate to break one so short.

    1. I love the shell stitch. JW suggested just the plain double crochet around the edge, but the next one will have something more decorative.

      I hate when my nails break so short. Right into the quick. Ouch!

    2. Yes, double crochet around the edge works, too. I do put the shell on after the double crochet.

      Sometimes, I bend a nail right across the quick. I quickly trim that nail down and put some super glue on it to try to keep it from breaking all the way, 1/4 inch into the quick. i shiver thinking about that!

  2. You are a speed demon!! And with those nails, I can see you knitting socks like crazy without needles!

    When I break a nail, I can't keep the other nine long, so I file them down. Then I'm shocked at the tenderness of my newly exposed fingertips! But I can type faster. lol

    1. JW thinks I could spit out several socks on the pinkies! He constantly threatens to snap them off since they are so long.
      I hate that tender feeling when they break. It's such a shock! That's probably why I never cut them.