Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finally cut the cord

Garland Girl has let me get on here to pass some wisdom and vent. I hope she won't cut me off after this. She is already mad at me for what I did. I cut off the the cable and hid the boxes while she was at the craft store. Hee Hee!!

We have been cutting expenses and reducing our debt to find our little place out of town, when we decided to drop cable and get TV for an antenna and a Roku box. Some how we find excuses to not switch over and this weekend I decided to do it while she was out. G.G. does not like change or surprises and I caught grief for it. All I could say was the ol' ripping the band aid reason. It didn't go well.

But we are off cable and able to put that money away for savings for this summer. Now we can sit here and complain there is nothing on TV and it is FREE.

Now if I could get her to talk to me again.


  1. We did the same thing about two to three years ago. I do recommend subscribing to Netflix at $8.something per month. It is well worth the price and I think you can try it for 30 days for free. Anyways, enjoy the savings and we haven't missed anything (except a monthly bill).

    1. We have Netflix and Hulu Plus, and along with the Roku, we don't miss a thing so far! The initial shock, however, almost killed me! I had things in my DVR box to watch still. But it's still worth it!

    2. Great, I don't miss the mindless flipping of channels either. Gratz on a good move!