Saturday, February 2, 2013

I know all there is to know about the dyeing game

Such a lovely day here.
The weather cooperated for JW to put the onion starts in. He also put some grass seed down on the bare patches on the lawn, reorganized the garage and shooed that darned squirrel off the awning of the swing where it was just gnawing away. 

I spent the day in the kitchen dying yarn.
I started with a white cotton yarn and used the food dye method and the Kool Aid method.
I found them here. They are very simple to do. 
I don't have many pictures today, and whats pictured is not everything I dyed. 
I will post more tomorrow after everything dries.

 Giant yarn knot and little dog are a requirement for any yarn activities.

The dye method is done in baggies in the microwave.

Finished the first batch and ready to hang up to dry.
The colors will lighten a bit as they dry.

Ignore the messy counters and dirty stove. I promise to clean it tomorrow!
On the plus side my whole house now smells like one giant tooty frooty bomb went off.