Monday, February 4, 2013

Great balls of yarn

I finished drying the yarn I dyed this weekend, and now they are all rolled in their little balls.

Here they are, all rolled up.

They are, in order:

White and food color, white and food color, and multistripe and food color.
White and KoolAid, multistripe and food color, white and KoolAid, and white and food color.

I think they turned out great.
The white yarn that was dyed with KoolAid turned out the most vibrant.
The white yarn with straight food color turned out in pretty pastels.
And the multistripe colored had some nice color change with the food color.
The multistripe that is predominately blue and purple had some red tones show up, and the other multistripe had the majority of the green that was already in it turn blue or purple.

All in all I'm satisfied with the colors, and will be dyeing more in a couple of weeks.


  1. Beautiful, but I don't see the small white Chihauhau. I like Chihauhaus. They're my favorite dog.

    1. He was in my chair when I took these. LOL

    2. There was time when I found Chihauhaus annoying. Then, my wife brought home a tiny puppy, which fell asleep in my lap and I was hooked. That was over fourteen years ago, and I dread the day when I have to say my final goodbyes to the dog.

  2. Very pretty. I think they turned out great.

  3. I peruse Pinterest for hours every day, wishing I was doing only half of what I see. Won't the koolaid (1) attract insects? I guess not since there's no sugar. (2) won't it fade if washed?

    I also read that it softens the yarn. Did it? Yes. I'm the curious sort who asks too many questions, but I'm on prescription drugs tonight.

  4. The yarn gets washed with vinegar and then regular water after I dye it. So there shouldn't be any problem with insects or anything. Since the color is set with vinegar then washed there should not be too much color fading later on.
    The yarn is a little bit softer and it feels a little bit more delicate than it did before I dyed it. So definitely the dying and washing takes out whatever chemicals they put in it. But it doesn't really feel much more different than when I use regular cotton yarn and then run it through the washer.

  5. Interesting. I am going to hook a rug with old t-shirt strips and I need to dye them. Koolaid is mostly color anyway, but I can't think of a flavor that would look good as a rug .....

    1. This site has all the possible Kool Aid colors formulas. I personally loved the yarn that turned out a coral color. It's gorgeous.