Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm exhausted. Is it the weekend yet?

Man I had a busy weekend!
BFF and I wreaked havoc on the flea markets this weekend. We bought everything that we could possibly stuff into my little van. And then some.
We were big wheeler dealers I tell ya.

We found some great deals. BFF even found 5 antique blue 1/2 gallon mason jars. For three dollars total!
BFF said she could hear my brain explode when the guy told us the price.
Seriously, those things are going for anywhere between twenty and fifty bucks a piece around here.
And man were they purty!

We also found tons more goodies.

Ducks for JW, who collects them. The one on the left is actually a light also.

This awesome steel painted milk can. It weighs a ton!

And we also bought tons of glass. We found a thrift store that gave us a great price for two large tote bins full of glass. I felt like we robbed him blind. Almost. For about 72 seconds. Then I got over it.
BFF makes garden topiaries similar to the one below. The glass we picked up will make MANY!

In other news, I finally finished my little rag quilt. It turned out quite nice. It's throw size, so it will be perfect on someones lap, or for decoration on the back of a chair or sofa.

Now it's on to a blanket I'm crocheting and also a t-shirt quilt for college boy. He cleaned out his closet and I took all of his old t-shirts and will piece them together to make a light summer quilt for him. That boy loves his mommas blankets. He has a small crocheted one that he keeps in his car, and he always sleeps with his queen sized one that I made him last year. He and JW fight over the ones I make for some reason, but not the store bought blankets. They could care less about those.
I guess they have their priorities straight!


  1. Where can I see more of the glass creations? That was a good haul for you two. I love good prices! My weekend haul was only the one thing on my blog today.

    1. BFF doesn't have her store set up yet, but if you google garden glass topiaries, there are others like that out there.
      And I love your scale. Great deal!!

  2. Great score! I am a sucker for bargains myself :)

    1. If I thought JW wouldn't divorce me, then I would spend all weekend and my paycheck at the flea markets!