Friday, January 3, 2014

My yearly To Do List

I am trying to put together my To Do list for this year. Here are the some of ones I have on it.

  1. Put a new roof on the back porch
  2. Build a rack for the garage to store tubs and tools
  3. Build a second garden box
  4. Watering system for both raised beds
  5. Get my CHL this year and a new carry pistol.
Wifey and I will be looking to move this year and are gearing up for the circus of house hunting and working with lenders. I would like to find a place where I can stretch out and have enough room to grow some fruit trees to have with the vegetable gardens. I would like an apple and pear tree for some good apple butter and pear preserves. 

This should keep me busy until at least June or until the Honey Do list trumps mine.



  1. Your honey-do list was trumped a long time ago...probably when you were still an infant. It's a genetics thing and you don't have a chance in changing the outcome.

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    2. I know but I have hope. Thanks for stopping by.