Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, new bird house and squirrels

I hung up a new birdhouse I got from friends this week and low and behold, I got a new friend. This squirrel has been around the yard for a couple of years but only hid pecans for later snacks. I have several of other bird feeders and they have baffles or cages to deter squirrels, but this one didn't and it seemed easy pickings.


This little sucker runs up and down the chain to the tree. He sits there on the side and picks out the sunflower seeds. The rest gets scattered below where the fat doves graze below to their heart delights. It also drives the cats and dogs crazy looking out the window at him. I am going have to go down to the Feed and Seed to get a baffle for this one also. I am going to build and little feeder for him so he will leave the birds alone.

I had a good day for New Years. The kids and I went out for pizza and a dollar movie. Then to our favorite store, Half Price Books. Big Sis got a couple and Little Man picked out a coloring tablet. Good times had by all. Poor Wifey woke up this morning with a bad head cold and had to stay home, but she made us cabbage and sausage and a pot of black eye peas for good luck. She was so sweet for that.

The wind is blowing fierce tonight, a cold front blowing is blowing in. Time for me batten down the hatches for the night.


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