Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lovely Day

Weelll it is past quitting time :30 and can't be any happier. Today the sun was out and it nice and warm. There is no better way to start the weekend.

I have been watching all the news reports on Boston and Texas. It is interesting the reaction s for everyone perspective on these two stories. Everybody has banded together to donate supplies for West, TX to the point the poor town is overflowing with stuff. And the respect and honors given to the fallen is incredible.

Then the flip side in Boston, the city was in lock down to hunt down the second bombing suspect. I have read and seen reports and blogs that were not positive with the steps the state and city took to capture a highly dangerous person. They were caloing it martial law or poking at the fact they have strict gun laws. I don't get it. I will admit the media was outwardly peeing themselves with all the action and displays of force. But they caught the kid and that is what matters.

Time to start the weekend chores and catch a stinkin' squirrel that is causing havoc.

Later Taters


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  1. In Indiana, our squirrels used to break into the garage and chew up all the wires in my car. Now that my car sets out in the open, next to trees FULL of squirrels, they haven't bothered my car.....oops. I just know I shouldn't have said that.