Monday, April 1, 2013

Another week gone by

Another week has gone by here at CHA.

Our garden is looking lovely so far.
We had quite a bit of harsh wind and cold earlier in the week, but we managed to protect everything.
So far so good!
I can't wait for warmer weather and fresh tomatoes. If only willing the plants to grow would work!

We had a lovely Easter. There was a lovely Easter play last Sunday that JW was in.
He looked quite adorable in his robe and bare feet, prancing around on the stage with the other disciples.
The service on Easter was nice, and was rounded out with a bells performance.

That evening we had my must have of ham. It's not Easter unless you have ham!
I forgot the rolls, but JW was kind enough to run out and grab them for me.

JW and I were off last week from work. We had a stay-cation.
We wandered around, bought some Depression glass for my collection, and I got a few much needed items for my lacking business wardrobe. You can't help but realize just how many pj's you have when you have to work with the public after working from home for over 10 years.

We also did some major spring cleaning of our closets. All together I believe we had 8 bags of clothes and linens that I decided I did not need any longer. It was so nice to have the closets cleaned and organized once again.

We both dreaded going back to work today, but all told it was not too bad. JW was pretty busy, and I had quite the full day also. The bulk of my day was spent making training documents for the two people that will be taking over my job when my transfer comes through. It's funny, it takes two people to do my job that I have done for seven years. And yet management always wanted me to take on more duties. Go figure.
Now I am just waiting for the negotiations between management on when my release date will be.
Once that is done I will have some training on a few things, then most likely be off to Denver to negotiate a few things. But I can't complain. It's new and exciting. And I stay with a company that is not too bad to work for.


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  1. I was once relieved of a job and it took four people to replace me. No one knew everything I did. That made me feel happy.