Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taking care of Grandma Honey

Poor Grandma Honey had a spell today and had fallen in her living room. Luckily she had one of those Life Line alert systems and was able to get help to her quickly. They called me at work and I responded to her house. She was fine and did not have to go to the hospital. She was shaken up over the ordeal and a little weak. I fed her lunch and stayed with her for the lunch break. I will be back tomorrow to check in on her.

I am worried for her, she has been through a lot this year already and it seems it is harder for her to bounce back. She is 89 this year and she keeps telling me "it is hell getting old." She took care of me and my brother all our lives and when mom passed, she took it as her responsibility to look after us. Now with my  brother living away and family passing on or moving away, it is me, a cousin and a sister in law looking after her. She is the cornerstone of this side of the family or more "the force to be reckoned with" over her grand kids and great grand kids. She has kept an eye over a dozen or so grand kids and an army of great grand kids all these years.

Now we are looking after her reminds me we all are heading to uncertain times in our lives in which we are never promised a tomorrow and enjoy today like it is your last. It might be. In the past 15 or so years I have lost my mom and Granddad Honey and Grandma Cleo just in the past year.

I am trying to love Grandma Honey a little more while I have here and remind my kids how precious the time we have each other and our family.

Say a prayer for our family and I will return the favor for your family.

Until next time we meet again, here or in heaven.


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