Saturday, May 25, 2013

Where did she go........

Wifey (GG) has a new position in her company and now has to travel A LOT. Gone by Monday and home on Thursday.  It is hard to go back to taking care of myself and the kids (4 animals and one boy) but I had to do this before I got spoiled of having her work from home.

I have been enjoying to see my shows on TV and eating off one plate all week. Lot less dishes to clean.

Also this means less blog fodder when she is gone, except these past weeks. I had been on call this week and was called out constantly.  Good for the paycheck, but rough on the ol' body.

We have hosted 2 car shows, taken the dogs to the vet for their shots and then back to the vet to treat the allergic reactions to the shots. That was not a fun Saturday. Who knew chihuahuas could swell up that big. He looked like a balloon animal. But he is back to normal after benidryl and steroids.

I am sitting here at the second car show honoring those who served this great country now and in the past. I have family and many friends the were in the many branches and I am honored to know them and reminded I have what I have because of them.

Raise a flag and shake their hands to thank them this Memorial weekend.



  1. When I worked, I couldn't imagine sitting at home like I had. Now that I'm used to sitting at home, I can't imagine having to work again. We are strange creatures of habit.

    1. It feels so weird when she is gone, but she is on a really good team and has enjoyed the new challenge.