Friday, May 10, 2013

What a Week

I am wore out to the bone this week and GG is the same way. But it is Friday and I am ready for the weekend.

GG has to travel for work for the next several months and I am having to learn how to do things around the house. The good news the animals stayed fed and didn't go hungry. On the other hand, I am very relieved food comes in boxes and cans for the microwave. I am good at cooking and fixing meals, just it is easier to nuke a burrito for me instead of pulling out the pots and pans.

The garden is doing good and taking off. The tomatoes have several buds and fruit coming. The salt and pepper are patiently waiting. The onions, zucchini, cantaloupe,  cucumbers are rockin' along. Jalapenos  leeks, and okra are hanging in there and still showing life. I hung up a couple of those upside down planters at my grandmothers house to see how well they work. The plants like it and really growing.

GG is getting ready for the weekly Walmart trip and dinner. No matter how much or little we have on the list, she drags me around for 2 or more hours. It wouldn't  be so bad, but the ammo section is constantly empty and not much new in the garden section.

Family Day up at the lodge this weekend. Horseshoes and washers are on the agenda and looking forward to the fun to be had. The weather is going to be picture perfect for the event.

I need some range time. My poor guns are looking at me like they are neglected. There are clay pigeons calling for me.

Wish me luck!

Don't worry and keep your towel close....



  1. LOL...If only I had a guy to drag around Walmart. Actually, I would not spend much time at WM if someone were with me. It seems I see people I have not seen in months or years. Then, I am stuck, talking instead shopping and getting home.

  2. I feel like Barney Fife every time I look at my guns and the pathetic expressions they have of being ignored. One more month without a gun range and I'm going to have to start shining the corrosion off the ammo.