Monday, May 27, 2013


My father served in the US Air Force during the Korean Conflict as a heavy equipment operator helping to build and repair runways. The US, had complete air superiority, which didn't sit well with the North Koreans, who constantly either shelled or attacked air bases with total regularity. 
My father and his crew were usually only armed with .45 caliber automatic pistols to defend themselves, and he told of losing friends and comrades during these skirmishes.

Also, on his way to Tokyo from Korea for some R&R, the plane he was in was shot down when it drifted into North Korean air space, forcing him and the rest of the planes occupants to bail out, where they spent 5 days hiding in a rice paddy until a US patrol rescued them.

It's these stories that make up the big picture which reminds us of what this day is about. That, and remembering all the brave soldiers who didn't live to tell tales such as the ones my father told. - Written by my brother today

God Bless to my brother, my Daddy and to all those who are currently serving or who have previously served.
We owe you much more than a day of celebration. So much more.

Daddy - 1960

My brother - 1983

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  1. My Dad was recalled for the Korean conflict as well. Thank you to all who have served