Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Sprung

Spring has messed all over CHA and the yard looks like it. The grass is rubbing poor Lil Dogs belly and Big Dog doesn't much care for it either.

Hung up our new bird feeders and the new birdbath in the backyard and the birds are coming like wild wildabeast (sp?) but G.G. is loving sitting and watching her birds play and feast. I can't blame her, they are cute.

We added a rose bush (Blue Girl) and several tomato plants in the garden yesterday. Still waiting for the pepper transplants to show up so we can put them in the garden. The local feed n seed doesn't have them yet, but it is funny we always come home with some new gadget or goody for the animals.

Breakfast has been finished and it it time to fire up the mower for the first time this year.

More later....



  1. Well, I can't say that the grass is long enough for the mower to come out, although I did put out my four-legged grass clippers in the back to do a little trimming!

  2. Coincidentally, tomorrow is "go to Walmart and buy new birdfeeders" day!