Saturday, December 28, 2013

Giving it one more try

I have been a way from the blog-sphere for too long. It has been a busy several months with big ups and dark lows for me and the family. My other grandmother, Charline, has passed back in September and it came done to me to oversee her affairs and estate. I did have the chance to spend the last several weeks with her and to take care of her. Anyone that has been in that situation knows how hard it is to watch someone who raised you to slip away with failing health and then succumb to their ailments. She was a wonderful soul and a strong Christian woman who helped shaped my core beliefs and faith.

The up is that the kids with their mom moved back to the area from Maryland. I get to spend the proper time with them and watch them be awesome kids instead of settling for Skype and summer break. It was the best Christmas gift anyone could give me, except the awesome tools the Wifey got me this year. Home Depot was my plaything this year. Thank you my sweet Wifey.

I love pheasant hunting and this year was absolutely perfect. Beautiful weather and birds were flying everywhere. I was very lucky though. This was right after the North Texas Ice In. We got several inches of ice and the tree tops were snapping all weekend long. It took several days to cut up the branches. Some of my friends lost whole trees from the ice. One lost his 60 year old Oak tree. It was a complete mess. Our bird feeds were quite busy. I saw the prettiest cardinals and doves out there.

Well the year is almost over. It was not especially exciting one, but hey I am the eternal optimist. I gotta keep moving forward and keep the light shining on the dark places. I hope ya'll have a peaceful New Year and I will keep the light on.


  1. each year is marked by the loss of those we loved. I am sorry for your loss. May the sun shine on you and yours everyday this coming year. the rat

  2. Thank you for stopping by and your comments. I always appreciate them. JW